NCS as the best catering services provider for Safrans Du Monde’s World tour

Recently, NCS had the chance to serve Safrans Du Monde’s charter flight in their trip named “World tour – Air cruise 2018”, this is the second serving time as NCS is always be chosen by this prestigious French tourism company since their first World tour launched in 2016.

As the passengers were on a continuous journey across continents, NCS chefs’ missions were not only to accommodate with client’s meal request, but also represent Vietnam – an irresistible destination on the dish with our elegant savory appetizer meal to the world.

Cold dish with Vietnamese fresh spring roll served with sweet and sour chilli sauce prepared by NCS Executive chef

Therefore, It definitely were huge happiness and motivation for NCS to receive the commendation letter from our customer which states NCS’ meal as “the best catering of the trip. Such flavours and colours. Everyone commented about the food. Fantastic.”

Commendation letter from Mr. Jean Marie Dumarche – Safrans Du Monde’s Chef on board

With the new spacious modern facility alongside the effortful dedication from professional chefs, NCS is now delivering the secured excellent catering services to our clients.

See you again!